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Ask TwiDash is a very popular webcomic I run. I have several thousand followers, many of who are every emphatic about how much they adore the comic and it’s characters.

However, my ability to consistently update it has been impeded by the fact that it’s completely un-monetized. While I’d love to produce this content for free, unfortunately I have bills to pay and groceries to buy. Not to mention potential equipment repairs/replacements that may be involved in the future.

As such I’ve set up this Patreon! With support from you, my fans, I’ll be able to provide consistent quality updates on Ask TwiDash. By default, Ask TwiDash will be updating once every other week. The more donated, the more often I’ll be able to update. So if you wanna see more of these adorable horse girl-friends kissing and their related shenanigans, please contribute to supporting the blog <3

In addition to supporting the blog in general, Every 10 dollar donation will earn you a raffle ticket for a full-color single character commission of your choice. The frequency of raffles will be dependent on the amount of donations as well.

(This page is in Beta, and numbers might be subject to change)

Spike: “Oh, and welcome back I guess.”

((Mod: Haitus is now over. Ask box is cleared and ready for new asks!

Also, Check out my Patreon. Note: My Patreon is in beta, and my be subject to change.))

((Okay, I need someone who is willing to test something for me.

This person needs to be willing to donate $10. Send me a message if you’re willing.))

Got someone. Thanks for the offers. Stay tuned.))

((I miss drawing these two))

((I miss drawing these two))


Well here is a quick four panel guest comic I put together for the Tumblr well I am working on the bigger one I posted about before.

Hope you all like it.

((Another guest comic! :D ))

((A fan made a dub of the comic! Thanks to ask-the-bass-dropper for his work on this project.))

And it could be me but isn't it quite normal to earn money with things you do? Let's get angry at the supermarket cause I have to pay for the food. I need that food so I want that food for free!

((Well said. ^^^))

Before crying sellout, perhaps anon should actually research into what Patreon actually is and how it works. It's certainly not like Carnifex's donate-for-updates system, if that's what they're clinging to for an example.


That response was a bit of a dickmove...

((Probably because the original message was a bit of a dickmove. And anon no less.

I pretty much have no patience for cowards who can’t come off anon to say something negative.

If the message wasn’t anon, and said the exact same thing, I may have been more polite. But that’s the courtesy one loses when hiding being anon to harrass others.))

so you're gonna steal people money through patreon ? if they dont give you money you won't update ? have you no shame ? why bother just tell people that this blog is boring for you so you don't want to run it anymore....

*A wild-self entitled anon appears!*

((Thanks for the suggestion, but the truth is that before I could tell people that, I’d lose electricity to my house! :D Soon after that, I’d starve from lack of food.

That’s basically what happens when you run out of money. And you run out of money when you do things for free all the time. I won’t hold it against you for not knowing that though, as you may not be aware of such things being a teenager living in your mom’s basement.))